Nepal Association of Northern California


About us:
In early 1994, a group of Nepalis in the San Francisco Bay Area met and talked about establishing an official Nepali association. An ad-hoc committee was formed; it contacted as many Nepalis as possible in northern California and invited them to participate in forming this new association. On July 30, 1994 the Nepal Association of Northern California (NANC) was formally established. In October, on the auspicious day of the Dasain celebration in Emeryville, the first nine members of the executive committee, including the President and Vice-President, were elected by popular vote.

NANC's primary aim is to preserve and promote Nepali identity and culture among Nepalis, friends of Nepal, and those interested in Nepal. It also seeks to encourage cooperation, goodwill , and mutual support among Nepali residents of northern California.

NANC is a registered non-profit organization.

Executive Committee for the term 2004-2006:
Pushkar Pandey President
Milli Gurung Vice President
Roger Adhikari Secretary
Deepa Neupane Treasurer
Bhakta Thapa Members
Govinda Shahi
Phurba Gyalzen
Roshan Shrestha
Smriti Gurung
Sonam Sherpa
Surya Chataut
Sunil Pandey
Usha Lama