Nepal Association of Northern California


NANC contributes proceeds from events to organizations working in Nepal. The recipient organizations are decided by the executive committee based on recommendation by a special committee formed for this purpose.

NANC raised $3500 for Nepal Flood Relief Fund
To help the flood and landslide relief efforts in Nepal, NANC ran a fund raise drive which generated $3500. NANC would like to thank everyone who contributed to the fund. (Dec 6, 2002)

NANC contributed $1661 to The September 11th Fund
From Individual contributions, Deep Shrestha Concert and NANC's matching fund

Recipient organizations of Kathmandu Night 2002:
Rural Education and Development (READ)
"Imagine sitting on a field surrounded by about 300 students discussing their studies and politics in Nepal, twirling to traditional Pun Muggar dances in the shadow of Dhaulagiri, or having rows of villagers drape leis over your neck and dot your forehead with the red powder. If you can imagine all of this, then you can picture a tiny part of what it was like to lay the cornerstone for the library in Gauradaha, or dedicate the libraries in Kakaura and Nangi. RURAL EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT has come a long way over the past several years, and we have a tremendous distance ahead."

Ama Foundation
"The Ama Foundation was created to provide a home, a family environment and education for the most underprivileged children of Nepal giving them opportunities that will enhance their growth and development."

Kathmandu Night 2001:
The Nepal Library Project (of READ)
READ initiated the Nepal Library Project in 1993 and provides up to five years of support to rural communities interested in building and maintaining a community library, typically operated in conjunction with local schools. Each community must submit a long term plan, including a sustainable income strategy that will provide at least Rs. 5,000 (about $70) per month to support the cost of the librarian and to purchase books and supplies for the library.
READ assists in the initial cost of building a library and provides ongoing training for librarians. READ also works with publishers and governmental agencies to develop a recommended list of materials which each library can purchase at reduced cost. READ has an executive director and small staff in Kathmandu and fund raising in the United States is coordinated by a Board of Directors. The president of the Board is Dr. Antonia Neubauer. The cost to build and support a library for approximately 5 years averages $15,000.

Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind (NAWB) (Email)
NAWB was organized as a non-profit organization in 1984. The goals of the organization are
(1) to help integrate the blind into society;
(2) to help the blind become self-reliant and economically productive citizens;
(3) to help the blind in their all around development and to safeguard their interests; and
(4) to help in activities aimed at the prevention, control, and cure of blindness.
It is estimated that as many as 1% of the population in Nepal is blind or visually impaired. Unfortunately, the Government of Nepal does not currently provide funding to support programs for the blind, with the exception of maintaining eye clinics and performing cataract surgery to repair sight. Therefore, NAWB must rely primarily on support from international organizations for the blind to operate its programs, including Braille training, basic academic, social skills and economic skills training, production of Braille books and materials, and implementing Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programs in rural areas in cooperation with local teachers. NAWB is administered by a Board of Directors in Nepal and its two program officers are supervised by the General Secretary of the Board.

Kathmandu Night 2000:
America Nepal Medical Foundation
The Nepal Library Project (of READ, Rural Education and Development)

Kathmandu Night 1999:
Paropakar Orphanage
Bal Mandir (Nepal Children's Organization)

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