Background Check & Driver Process

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer for field trips! This page is to guide you through the approval process. Each of our field trip drivers are required to complete a background check in order to driver other students. If you have any questions at any time, feel free to reach out at

Step 1: Fill out the Consent to Background Check document

Please fill out either the online form or the downloadable form. If you choose the downloadable option, please send a scan or a photo of the completed documents to or drop it off at the front office. Please note that the self disclosure section on the form is optional.

As for the FBI Privacy Act Statement, a written copy must be provided to all applicants submitting fingerprints for an FBI background check. Please read it before you consent to the background check. Likewise, the Challenge Procedures are for your information. 

FBI Privacy Act Statement

Challenge Procedures

Online Form

Downloadable Consent Form

Step 2: Background Check Payment

Next, you’ll need to pay $49.25 for the background check for which 5 hours of volunteer service will be waived for the current school year. You can pay online or download the form. On the downloadable form, there is an option for Lincoln Academy to pay for your background check and your finger printing if you agree to go on at least 4 field trips with your child or as needed within a year of your background check.

Once again, if you choose the downloadable option, please send a photo or a scan of your completed document to or drop it off at the front office.

Online Payment Form

Downloadable Payment Form

Step 3: Schedule For Yup Fingerprinting

Before you go to Yup Fingerprinting, you will need a confirmation on your payment from the finance office. After the finance office receives confirmation, you will be sent the authorized paperwork and instructions for fingerprinting. 

To make your appointment, go to and scroll down to select the closest city (Lehi is the closest to Lincoln Academy), then select “Drive submission/Livescan” to choose a date and time. 

Going to your appointment, you must take a photo ID and the authorized paperwork from Lincoln Academy. Lincoln Academy does not need any copies of these forms. 

Step 4: Fill Out Field Trip Driver Form

This step should be completed AFTER you pass your background check. Simply fill out the online form below.

Online Field Trip Driver form