With winter weather now upon us, a few questions arise about dresscode. Though classrooms are maintained at 70 degrees or above, students may wear a Lincoln sweatshirt, or a NAVY BLUE hoodie or sweatshirt in class. Additionally, students are still expected to wear a dresscode-approved shirt, even if they are wearing an approved sweater or hoodie.


The purpose of the dress code and uniform standards is to:

  1.  Create a safe learning environment for students and staff.
  2. Limit distractions in the learning environment
  3. Cultivate a united learning environment for students.

Uniforms help fulfill Lincoln Academy’s mission and philosophy, including the cultivation and maintenance of a learning environment of discipline and respect, and to provide an added level of security for the students’ protection. Uniforms improve the classroom learning environment by: 

      • Helping students concentrate on their schoolwork by setting a tone for serious study. 
      • Removing distractions created by socioeconomic differences and modern fashion. 
      • Instilling students with discipline. 

Uniforms build citizenship and a sense of community in our children by: 

      • Building self-esteem, self respect and school spirit among students by creating the distinction of being part of a group.
      • Maintaining a good school image in the community by a neat appearance.
      • Providing a visible and public symbol of commitment to school improvement and reform;

Uniforms create a safe learning environment by helping school officials recognize intruders who come to the school.

Due to changing style and fashion trends, Lincoln Academy reserves the right to make revisions to the dress code system and standards at any given time. Lincoln Academy will always do everything possible to make sure families are aware of any changes made to the dress code system.


Standard Guidelines 

Clothing Coverage

All students should wear clothing that covers all skin from starting below the neck, including shoulders, back, midriff, and thighs. Arms and hands may be bare. Any shorts or skirts, or skorts, must extend below fingertip length when hands and arms are extended by the side.


All footwear must be close-toed and close-heeled. Boots, flats or shoes are acceptable. Footwear may have logos, but must follow all other rules pertaining to logos, emblems and writing. All colors are approved for footwear but no lights, sequins, or rollie shoes are allowed. Socks up to mid-calf are allowed in any color, but must still follow rules for logos, emblems, and writing.

Donation Dress Days and Free-Dress Days

On special occasions, Lincoln Academy will offer free-dress days to families. These exceptions permit students to wear clothing other than the uniform. However, all free-dress attire must still follow rules regarding hair, profanity, offensive symbols, derogatory wording, and clothing coverage still apply. Free-dress days are not costume days or pajama days (unless specifically approved by administration for that day). On free dress days, heels worn by girls must be conservative and no higher than three inches. No rips above the knee in jeans or shorts are allowed. The administration reserves the right to allow or disallow dress styles not specifically covered under the free-dress guidelines.


All students’ hair must be kept clean and well-groomed for school. Acceptable hair color should be natural human hair color (red, black, brown, gray and blonde). Hairstyles should not distract students from learning. Hairstyles should not obstruct any student’s vision. Distractions to the learning environment will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the school administration.

Hats, Hair Accessories, and Eyewear

No hats are permitted except for special donation-dress days or free-dress days, specifically announced by the school. Any hairband may be worn that follows above guidelines, so long as it remains flat on the head. Sunglasses are also not permitted.

Jackets/Sweatshirts Inside the School Building

Winter coats will not be worn in the classroom or inside the school once has begun and until school ends for the day. Lincoln Academy has specific, approved Lincoln jackets available for purchase. Plain navy or red hoodies and navy or red zip hoodies are also approved. Blankets are not allowed and may not be worn as jackets.


Jewelry must be conservative. Students may wear a necklace. No animal collars are allowed. Earrings are permitted. Jewelry must not be distracting to other students, nor have symbolism that may be distracting to the learning of others.

Logos, Emblems, and Writing on Apparel

Logos and emblems are not allowed on any articles of clothing. Logos are permitted on foot apparel. No profanity, offensive symbols, or derogatory wording is permitted. No handwritten words are allowed on apparel. Any exceptions regarding logos, emblems, or words must be approved by the Lincoln Academy administration. See Free Dress Days for any exceptions.

Vulgar words, profane or obscene slogans, pictures or advertisements of alcohol, tobacco, and/or drugs, or those that promote violence or sexual harassment on clothing are not acceptable.


Boys are not permitted makeup, unless given an exception by administration. Girls may wear makeup that is not extreme and does not distract others from learning. Animal makeup is not acceptable.