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Feature News Analyses:
"Is Nepal's Media Losing its Objectivity?", OneWorld South Asia, 21 April 2004
On April 16 and 17, over 300 journalists were arrested by the police while covering a political demonstration, in which they reportedly also participated. Although media federations in Nepal feel it is the need of the hour, the display of political activism has attracted flak from a slew of independent media experts here.
"Nepal cashes in on cannabis", Asia Times Online, Apr 21, 2004
Three decades after Nepal tried to shake off its "haven for hippies and hashish" label by banning narcotics, this Himalayan kingdom appears poised to hit a new high, with the ongoing Maoist insurgency that is now raging in the country being blamed for the current spurt in production.
"Himalaya Honey Hunters Cling to Cliffside Tradition", National Geographic, April 14, 2004
"A honey hunter in Nepal descends a cliff harnessed to a ladder in an attempt to cut out chunks of honey from the comb found in the hillside. A team of scientists is racing to keep the bees and the honey hunter's harvesting tradition alive."
"Poaching Flourishes in Nepal Despite Strict Curbs", OneWorld South Asia, 14 April 2004
Despite the arrests of 100 poachers in Nepal in the past year, the menace remains rampant across the Himalayan kingdom, hindering efforts at wildlife conservation and threatening endangered species.
"US courts Nepal as anti-terror partner" By Nick Bryant, BBC News, Tuesday, 6 April, 2004
The US strategy is clear: it is intensifying the conflict to force the Maoists to sue for peace, compelling its leaders to return to the negotiating table they left last August.
"Beset by war, crisis, Nepal is sliding downhill" By Terry Friel, Yahoo! News, April 2, 2002
The king and prime minister are in Pokhara but, despite a security lockdown, most locals are too scared to defy a strike called by Maoist rebels to disrupt a royal rally. King Gyanendra and the unelected ministers he appointed are losing control of the country and the situation is worsening by the day.
"Nepal in worst of four worlds", The Age, Australia, March 26, 2004
Between Maoist insurgents and blood sacrifices to Kali, Nepal's economy is one of the world's most challenged.
"Maoist Violence Threatens Nepal's Poll Plans" by Sanjaya Dhakal, OneWorld South Asia, 26 March 2004
Despite the urgent need for polls, the caretaker Nepal government's efforts to hold elections this year are impeded by the worsening security situation and the mountainous terrain, which could make the exercise a logistical nightmare.
"Brutal revolt bleeds Nepal", Stuff New Zealand, 26 March 2004
BENI: Just one more day and Ganga Bahadur Budhathoki could have hugged his five-year-old son and his wife for the first time since leaving Nepal four years ago to seek his fortune in Saudi Arabia.
He never made it.
Yesterday, his horribly charred body, face twisted in death, lies wedged in the rubble of a guesthouse in this small mountain village. Special finance project: short term services from GLA Loans Company allows to get payday loans via internet without additional faxing or calling ro office. He is just one of hundreds killed in the bloodiest battle of Nepal's brutal eight-year Maoist rebellion.,2106,2855760a12,00.html
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